Congratulations to State Champs and Runner-Up

Nathan Dugan, 195#, North Carolina High School State Champion

Matthew Lee, 145#, Indiana High School State Champion

Brayden Giannone, 152#, Kentucky High School State Runner-Up



Grade school state placers Ohio team miron

Congratulations to Ohio Grade School State Qualifiers

Carson Mize, 130# DIV, 1st Place

Charlie Donehue, 140# DIV, 1st Place

Tommy Wurster, 65# DIII, 3rd Place

Samuel Jones, 55# DII, 1st Place

Joseph Curry, 75# DIV, 1st Place

Eli Esguerra, 110# DIII, 1st Place



Congratulations to Dixie Nationals Placer

Thomas Lindsey, 3rd Place


Congratulations to IronMan Placers

Braxton Amos, 220#,  Champion

Caron Kharchla,  170#, Champion

Nathan Dugan, 195#, 4th Place


Congratulations to Super 32 Champions

Braxton Amos, 220#, High Schoool - 2x Champion, 1st Place

Duke Myers,  136#, Middle Schoool - 1st Place


Congratulations to Super 32 Placers

Nathan Dugan, 195#, High School - 7th Place

Blaze VanGundy, 90#, Grade School - 5th Place

(with 2x Super 32 Champion, Braxton Amos)

Congratulations to Who's #1 Champion

Carson Kharchla, 170# - 1st Place

Carson Kharchla Fargo Champion 170 lbs

Congratulations to USA Wrestling National Champions and Placers

Carson Kharchla, 170#, Freestyle Junior - Champion, All-American

Luke Geog, 138#, Freestyle Cadet - 2nd Place, All-American

Daniel Segura, 145#, Greco Cadet - 5th Place, All-American

Noah Ewen, 152#, Freestyle Cadet - 8th Place, All -American

Congratulations NHSCA Placers

Noah Clary, 170#, Senior - 4th Place

Justin White, Middle School - 3rd Place

Personal Training with Miron

Congratulations OAC Grade School Champions and  Placers

Omar Ayoub, 80#, Div. IV - Champion

Blaze VanGundy, 75#, Div. III - 3rd Place

Thomas Lindsay, 55#, Div. II - 4th Place

Mitchell Younger, 80#, Div. IV - 4th Place

Tate Hisey, 60#, Div. III - 5th Place

Charlie Mitchell, 110#, Div. IV - 5th Place

James Lindsay, 65#, Div. IV - 6th Place

Matthew Hart, 90#, Div. IV - 6th Place

Congratulations OAC Midle School Champions and Placers

Noah Ewens, 154# - Champion

Ismael Ayoub, 120# - 2nd Place

CJ Smith, 126# - 3rd Place

Max Ray, 126# - 4th Place

Dylan Russo, 146# - 4th Place

Bryce Keckley, 164# - 4th Place

Trevor Hisey, 92# - 5th Place

Matthew Howard, 120# - 7th Place

Dylan Newsome, 114# - 8th Place 


Congratulations Ohio High School Champions & Placers

Carson Kharchla, 170#, Div. I - Champion

Jake Marsh, 152#, Div. I - 2nd Place

Noah Clary, 182#, Div. II - 3rd Place 

Matthew Cardello, 120#, Div. II - 3rd Place

Daniel Segura, 138#, Div. I - 4th Place

Jake Johnson, 120#, Div. II - 5th Place

Andy Garr, 138#, Div. II - 5th Place

Jack Gorman, 132#, Div. II - 6th Place

Michael Petrella, Div. II - 7th Place

Gus Sutton, 126#, Div. I - 8th Place

Blake Saito, 132#, Div. I - 8th Place

Congratulations State Champions and Placers

Braxton Amos, 220# - West Virginia High School State Champion

Nathan Dugan, 182# - North Carolina High School State Champion - 4A

Kobe Early, 106# - North Carolina High School State Champion - 4A

Brayden Giannone - 2018 Kentucky Folkstyle State Champion

Duke Myers - ISWA Folkstyle Middle School State Champion

Gabe Sollars - Indiana Middle School State Champion

Chase Brown - Tennessee High School State Finalist

Coach Miron Trained

Congratulations to Team Miron Wrestlers at the Ironman Tournament

Braxton Amos, 220# - Champion

Jake Marsh, 152# - 4th Place

Carson Kharchla, 170# - 5th Place

Congratulations to Team Miron Wrestlers at the Super 32 Tournament

High School Division

Braxton Amos, 220# - Champion

Carson Kharchla, 160# - 3rd Place

Middle School Division

Luke Geog, 128# - Champion

Noah Ewen, 138# - 3rd Place

Gabe Sollars, 145# - 6th Place

Ismael Ayoub, 120# - 7th Place

Trained by Miron
Miron Wrestling

Congratulations to 2017 Cadet Nationals Champion

Braxton Amos, 220# - 2X Champion, All-American Cadet, Freestyle 

Braxton Amos, 220# - 2X Champion, All-American Cadet, Greco Roman

Congratulations to 2017 Cadet/Junior Nationals Placers

Joe Lee, 160# - 3rd Place, All-American Junior, Freestyle

Carson Kharchla, 160# - 4th Place, All-American Junior, Freestyle

Gus Sutton, 126# - 6th Place, All-American Cadet, Freestyle

Brett McIntosh, 152# - 7th Place, All-American Cadet, Greco Roman

Brett McIntosh, 152# - 8th Place, All-American Cadet, Freestyle

Training with Miron

Congratulations to Kaleb Romero, 170#, D3 - 4X Ohio High School State Champion