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Coach Miron - why he is more than a coach. To be a state qualifier, state place or a state champion is a long hard journey both physically and mentally and every practice session Miron pushes each wrestler to their limit both physically & mentally. As a Freshman, my son started attending Coach Miron's summer camps between 8th & 9th grade. He was a District qualifier and as a Sophomore, he became a State qualifier. In the Summer of 2012, he attended all the Wrestling camps. At one point, I noticed he was losing his motivation to run and weight train on a regular basis. In-between wrestling camps, he was gaining weight. After the first day at camp he called home and was feeling down because Coach Miron had criticized him about his weight gain. Not wanting him to lose his motivation and desire to continue attending wrestling camp, I called Coach Miron at home and told him about the call from my son. Coach Miron immediately said I will go talk with him. An hour and half later, my son called back, and his voice was upbeat and excited. He said Coach spoke with him about his potential and great opportunity as a great wrestler. He was so inspired that he went on to tell me he was cancelling a weekend vacation he had planned so he wouldn't miss the next weekend wrestling camp. I wanted to share this experience because Coach Miron is not only the best wrestling coach I have met, but he works very hard to keep his wrestlers motivated to be able to reach their wrestling goals. Tom Lazear 740-818-5760
This past weekend my son, Mitchell, who just turned 14 and is only an average wrestler, attended your weekend camp. The talent in the room was by far the best I have seen at any camp. There were kids in the room from all over central and eastern united states. After finishing the camp on Sunday afternoon, I understand why the kids travel so far on a consistent basis to train with Miron. He is tough, motivating and inspiring. All the kids respect Miron and thrive on his intensity. After finishing the first session, my son was exhausted and wondering what did I get him into. After completing the second session, he was all about the training he just received. After two more exhausting sessions on Sunday, he asked me to sign him up for one of the November camps. So, I just wanted to say thank you and thanks to your awesome coaches. You, your coaches and your program are tops in my book.
My son is 9 years old and attending a camp in December. From that 1 camp I saw him try and successfully do 3 new moves in a Tournament this past weekend. We have signed up for 2 more camps and he asks every day how many more days. He is a good wrestler but what I have seen in him just from one weekend at Miron is amazing! He can't wait to get back there and work hard! Thanks Coach Miron and your staff!
Dear coach Miron, I can not begin to thank you enough for agreeing to work with me this summer. you blessed me with one of the greatest training experiences in my life and I am already reaping the fruits of your training. I not only learned from you on the mat but as well off the mat. About my junior year in high school my coach gave me this wrestling technique video to watch. as I began watching it I admired the instructor and wanted practiced the moves being shown. so practicing with nick one evening he was dong similar moves to the ones I had seen on the tape. I began telling him of the wrestling video I had watched and he informed me that the person I was watching was his coach. I found that to be incredible, but it made sense seeing the wrestler that nick was. Approaching the end of wrestling season I was looking for places to train for the summer. Finding some places in Ohio to train at I was then accepted into the home of nick. the very first day college ended nick took me to his wrestling room where I met you. I was so excited just being able to shake your hand and say I met you. so while nick practiced I would sit and watch soaking up as much technique as I could. I was amazed to see youth kids drilling moves that I had never seen and to the intensity that they were performed at. so for a week I would observe and learn by sight. With in a week of training I had learned the most technique ever in my life. I soon began to hit moves precisely during live sessions and I was in awe. I had one of the greatest experience this summer and it was all because of my relationship with nick. I'm writing this letter because you have greatly influenced me over the period of about two and a half months. first you helped me get a mile closer to getting to my goals and dreams with the nearest being gaining and NCAA title this year. second to make the world team this upcoming summer. You helped me get closer to my career by allowing me to be around the kids and high school guys being able to coach and influence them, in the future becoming a teacher and coach. thirdly you learn a life lesson by showing me kindness. My home pastor is a firm believer in investing in people and I saw first hand what that was like. from the kindness of your heart you took me in and changed my life. Because of you I am that much closer to where I want to be in life and you encouraged me to never stop until I earn my college degree and earn a title. Thank you for investing in me. Sincerely, Jabari Irons
Coach, Cody became his high school's very first Regional Champion over the weekend. As such, he has qualified for his very first State Tournament! You have put him in this position. Your system and intensity have exceeded our expectations, as we are year ahead of the goal of his Junior and Senior year. I wanted you and Jeanna to know that he has these skills from also being able to drill with the phenomenal wrestlers at our club! I am looking forward to the next 3 years. I am confident you will take him to were his goals are regarding this great sport. I respect and admire you. You have changed my son in a very positive way. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Terry Huston
Miron, As you know Logan just won a High School State Title after being a runner up last year. I just want to say thank you for your dedication to my son. You always said it takes all 3...Logan, You as his coach and his parents. Well we stuck with you and your system and you stuck with us and it's paid off big time. It's not just about wrestling achievements though. You have instilled in my son qualities such as hard work, persistence, dedication, raising the bar high, being a good person, being a good student ect. These lessons are so important in teaching young men not only about wrestling but about life. You also taught my son about second chances and learning from your mistakes in order to make things right. I want to thank you for not giving up on my son. You believed in him and saw his potential. And that is what I'm most thankful for. I'm looking forward to many more years of your phenomenal training and influence in his life and to reaching even higher goals. Thanks so much. Sincerely, Scott Erdman
We are only 18 months in to this journey with you. I begrudgingly get in the car each month with my son and his training partner to make the 14 hour drive for them to train with you. But each Sunday when we are done and making the drive back, I feel as though the trip was worth it and as you say, "these boys are worth it". I am not sure if they will ever be great but I do know you put your heart and soul in to training them and they work hard to try and please you. They have dreams of being world and Olympic champions and strive to be good citizens as well. They are only 10 and 11 but I feel the time, money and effort we all put in to them is a good investment. We don't get to train as much as others with you but I am seeing improvement with them already. I look forward to continuing to have them work with you and to see them grow as wrestlers and young men over the years. Thank you for all you do. Eric Coates